Why Acupuncture in Adelaide is the next Best Alternative Healing?

Acupuncture basically affects the energy flow in your body. It involves stimulating certain points on some parts of your body which helps in treating some health conditions. Our acupuncture in Adelaide benefits you by treating certain health conditions and promoting self healing. Acupuncture triggers on nerve endings to help in instigating long term effects on your body.  

1. Reduces the intensity of Pain and Frequency of Headaches:

There are proven studies that acupuncture can have lasting effects of headaches. It can help with all kinds of headaches like migraine, stress related headaches etc. This ancient headache relief measure is still widely used to work for your headaches in the long term. Acupuncture also helps in reducing the days of your headache.


2. Induces Sleep and Treats Insomnia:

Insomnia is very helpful and one of the most popular reasons why acupuncture treatment is taken by clients. Not only will it help in improving your sleep habits but will also soothe you to promote much better sleep. It helps in relieving stress.

Along with other herbal treatments and medications, acupuncture can work extremely well.  


3. Relieves Back pain and other chronic pain:

In a span of just a few weeks you can notice a massive reduction in any of the long term pain you have been suffering from. Our clinic for acupuncture in Adelaide has had some very successful recoveries in terms of people suffering from Arthritis, back pain, chronic muscle or bone related pain.


4. Helps with cancer and Chemotherapy:

Acupuncture helps boost immunity and speeds up the chemotherapy treatment healing. It also helps in decreasing the number of healthy cells after radiation therapy or due to chemotherapy treatment. Our clinic for acupuncture in Adelaide has had experience with clients suffering from Cancer. We have experienced some major recoveries throughout our treatment. Apart from helping with healing, the therapy also helps with symptoms of chemotherapy like hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia etc.  


5. Helps to Prevent Cognitive Decline:

There have been several studies in which people who have been suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health related illnesses showed massive improvements. Many people also reported to have more energy, more confidence and felt much more motivated after their therapy. Acupuncture can have significant effects on any of your short term and long term mental health condition.  


6. Infertility:

Studies have proven that both men and women can increase their chances of getting pregnant by taking acupuncture treatments. Our fertility acupuncture Adelaide have had some amazing success stories among couples. Women suffering from PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid etc can benefit from it. It also increases the chances of having a successful IVF.