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Acupuncture: How Effective Is It In Managing Back Pain?

Acupuncture has grown to become one of the most global alternate medical practices. In fact, it is well-accepted and well-practiced in the United States of America.

Today, it is used for managing low back pain, neck pain, and many others. Today, about 8 in every 10 persons suffer from back pain. In fact, this trend has become the reason most persons seek help via medical treatment. The good news is; studies suggest that acupuncture is effective for healing back pain. But the question is; how effective is acupuncture for back pain?

How effective is acupuncture for back pain?

Acupuncture which originated from China is more than 2500 years old. The Chinese believe that there are over 2000 energy points in your body. Hence, this traditional Chinese practice focuses on relieving back pain using tiny needles. These needles are inserted at some of these points in the body to relieve you from back pain. Once these needles are inserted into your body, they create energy flow by connecting these points. Thus, simulates the over 200 points to correct any discrepancy in your body. This improves the flow of energy in your body which results in effective relief of back pain.

The truth is this energy flow helps to stimulate your central nervous system. Thus, certain chemicals are released into the spinal cord as well as your muscles and brain. This experience alters any feel of back pain by producing changes in your body. These changes play vital roles in promoting a good judgment of well-being. This helps to eliminate and relieve you of back pain.

Acupuncture helps to improve your body functions. In doing this, it stimulates certain meridians connected to your back. Thus, it initiates and promotes your body’s natural self-healing process. This eases you of back pain. Thus, how effective is acupuncture is effective for back pain? According to research, it is effective. 22 acupuncture focused studies reviewed suggest that it is effective for back pain. These reviews opined that individuals who underwent acupuncture showed sign of back pain relief as compared to those who didn’t.

There are energy flow points called qi in your back. An acupuncturist will focus on these points to ease you of back pain. These points are:

  • Foot points
  • Hand points
  • Stomach points
  • Points on the back of your knees
  • Points on your lower back
  • Hip points
  • Head points
  • Neck points
  • Shoulder points
  • Upper back points

To answer the question how effective is acupuncture for back pain, your acupuncturist should focus on these points to make it effective for back pain relief.

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