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Acupuncture: Does acupuncture help with pain management?

Acupuncture, an age-long Chinese practice seems to have gained global recognition. Today, it has become an increasingly accepted treatment for managing pain. In fact, it is relevant to the managing of low back and neck pain and even osteoarthritis. So, people ask questions like does Chinese acupuncture help with pain management? We will find out in this article. In the USA, it is covered by most insurance and even top insurance companies.

What is acupuncture?

This is a branch of traditional Chinese medical practice. It is more than 3500 years older when compared to western medicine. This medical practice involves the use of tiny needs on the human skin. These needles are inserted into the human skin. Upon insertion, they simulate the human muscles, its nerves, and connective tissues. The aim of acupuncture is to alleviate pain, nervousness, and stress.
More so, acupuncture stimulates the energy-carrying channels in the human body.

These channels are known as the meridians. Thus, these simulations help to bring about a balance in the human body which results in good health. So, does acupuncture help with pain management?

Acupuncture and its role in pain management

Acupuncture is a reliable and safe medical practice for pain management. Here are few reasons that assure that acupuncture helps in pain management.

Acupuncture is medically efficient and effective. It helps to stimulate the human body during treatment. Thus, it starts the self-healing mechanism around muscles, nerves and connective tissues in our body. This brings about the natural healing resulting in
the easing of pain. Hence, acupuncture is a great tool needed for the natural management and healing of pain.

Acupuncture is important to the managing of low back and neck pain. Studies by the National Institute of Health suggest that it works well to treat chronic pain. More so, this study claims that it helps reduce the severity of headaches. Thus, it has the
potential to stop migraines.

A suggestion in a review article on Practical Pain Management implies that it helps to relieve pain. This review pinpoints that acupuncture inactivates the source of pain in your body. To achieve this, it modulates the level of endorphin in your body.

Thus, acupuncture is relevant for the management pain. It works well in the managing of back pain. Thus, it reduces the intensity of pain you experience in your back. On the long run, this reduces the way such pains affect your daily activities.

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