Benefits Of Acupuncture

How To Relieve Pain With Acupuncture In Adelaide

Acupuncture in Adelaide enhances the functioning of the body and encourages its natural self-healing procedure. It is a Chinese therapy. In addition, this treatment involves the stimulation of specific anatomic points known as acupoints or acupuncture points.

Fine, sterile needles are inserted through the skin to stimulate the acupoints. In addition, electrical stimulation, pressure, and heat can improve the result of this therapy. Furthermore, other methods of stimulating the acupuncture sites are heat therapy or moxibustion, manual massage, cupping, linaments and use of topical herbal medicines.

How Acupuncture In Adelaide Works

The traditional Chinese medicine is practiced based on an ancient belief. Consequently, this philosophy portrays the body and the universe as two opposing forces referred to as yang and yin. The body is healthy when these two forces are in equilibrium. Energy known as “qi” flows along certain paths, called meridians, all through the body. The steady movement of energy through the pathways in the body maintains the forces in balance.

If the energy current is disrupted, lack of body function, pain or illness will result. Acupuncture can free energy from the blocked pathway and improve the functioning of the body. This therapy induces the natural healing process of the body. The results of the modern research have established the effects of this treatment on the immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine and nervous system.

This Chinese therapy stimulates the physiological systems of the body in a bid to relieve pain, improve digestive function, sleep, and the total well-being of an individual.

Treatment Procedure

An acupuncturist will obtain the health history of the patient. The therapist will check the pulse and note the color, shape, and coating of the person’s tongue. Other physical examinations may be performed depending on the health requirement of the patient. Then, the acupuncturist will outline the treatment plan needed to remedy the individual’s health condition.

The patient will lie on the treatment table to commence the treatment. The exact acupuncture points are excited. Usually, the sterile needles used are retained in the body for 5 to 30 minutes. The therapy causes little or no discomfort to patients as the needles are inserted gently into the skin.

Individuals that underwent this therapy reported improved health conditions after the treatment. Acupuncture in Adelaide will ensure your well-being as experienced therapists is available to attend to you.

Frequency of Treatment

The number of treatments needed to tackle a health problem differs from one individual to another. As a result, chronic conditions may require two treatments every week for some months. Still, some health issues need only one therapy. During acupuncture in Adelaide, patients are allowed to discuss their treatment plan with the therapist on their first visit.

Conditions Treated by Acupuncture

Clinical research has shown that acupuncture is an excellent therapy for a migraine, depression, insomnia, anxiety, infertility, nausea and musculoskeletal issues such as a backache. Clinical case-controlled studies have established the effectiveness of this therapy in disease conditions such as dysentery, leucopenia, and hypertension among others.

The best practitioners perform acupuncture in Adelaide. These professionals are licensed and have years of experience in this therapy.