Does Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide Work?

If you are looking for an affordable and effective alternative treatment for infertility, you may consider fertility acupuncture Adelaide. Due to higher efficiency, holistic treatment options like acupuncture have gained a wider appeal. Let us see how acupuncture for fertility works below.

The overwhelming sense of loss and anguish experienced by the majority of women struggling with infertility is an unwelcome motivator that causes them to seek alternative treatment options in a bid to overcome the issue. From DIY home remedies to fertility drugs, and surgery, along with vitro fertilization to mention a few, modern healthcare solutions have vastly expanded over the years thus providing an array of treatment options for women facing fertility issues.

It is noteworthy to indicate that despite the advancement in therapeutic options available for infertility, not every woman can afford the cost of treating the issue.

Acupuncture Adelaide

Couples can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on fertility drugs to tens of thousands of dollars on advanced procedures like Intrauterine insemination.Modern acupuncture involves the insertion and stimulation of disposable thin, sterile needles at specific points near the body’s surface.

Acupuncture is valued for relaxation and stress-relieving benefits, as well as for fertility treatments. Fertility acupuncture Adelaide has snowballed in acceptance by the public and is one of the most practiced holistic therapies today.

According to a recent study conducted by Tel Aviv University, when used in line with Western fertility treatment options, acupuncture increases the rate of conception by an impressive 26%.

The Potential of Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide to Increase Conception Chances

Acupuncture increases fertility by boosting blood flow to your reproductive organs, reducing stress, and balancing your endocrine system. The goal of fertility acupuncture Adelaide isn’t just to achieve conception but to remain pregnant. And be delivered of a healthy baby. Acupuncture can provide improved blood flow to your ovaries and uterus, thus creating a better chance for conception.

Acupuncture for fertility issues can improve nearly every cause of infertility. As stated earlier, one way that acupuncture can treat infertility is by reducing stress (often a primary factor infertility issues in both men and women). When you are under stress, cortisol is released in your brain.

The release of this hormone alters your brain’s neurochemical balance, ultimately changing hormonal levels. And disrupting pituitary balance (both of which are key to your reproductive cycle). If the thyroid is unbalanced, acupuncture can help treat its effects on fertility. Acupuncture can be used to treat spasmed tubes according to the American Pregnancy Association.


The benefits of acupuncture for infertility cannot be overstated. It is a more effective and cheaper alternative to treat conception issues. It won’t be a bad thing to give it a try.