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Why Acupuncture in Adelaide is the next Best Alternative Healing?

Acupuncture basically affects the energy flow in your body. It involves stimulating certain points on some parts of your body which helps in treating some health conditions. Our acupuncture in Adelaide benefits you by treating certain health conditions and promoting self healing. Acupuncture triggers on nerve endings to help in instigating long term effects on your body.  

1. Reduces the intensity of Pain and Frequency of Headaches:

There are proven studies that acupuncture can have lasting effects of headaches. It can help with all kinds of headaches like migraine, stress related headaches etc. This ancient headache relief measure is still widely used to work for your headaches in the long term. Acupuncture also helps in reducing the days of your headache.


2. Induces Sleep and Treats Insomnia:

Insomnia is very helpful and one of the most popular reasons why acupuncture treatment is taken by clients. Not only will it help in improving your sleep habits but will also soothe you to promote much better sleep. It helps in relieving stress.

Along with other herbal treatments and medications, acupuncture can work extremely well.  


3. Relieves Back pain and other chronic pain:

In a span of just a few weeks you can notice a massive reduction in any of the long term pain you have been suffering from. Our clinic for acupuncture in Adelaide has had some very successful recoveries in terms of people suffering from Arthritis, back pain, chronic muscle or bone related pain.


4. Helps with cancer and Chemotherapy:

Acupuncture helps boost immunity and speeds up the chemotherapy treatment healing. It also helps in decreasing the number of healthy cells after radiation therapy or due to chemotherapy treatment. Our clinic for acupuncture in Adelaide has had experience with clients suffering from Cancer. We have experienced some major recoveries throughout our treatment. Apart from helping with healing, the therapy also helps with symptoms of chemotherapy like hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia etc.  


5. Helps to Prevent Cognitive Decline:

There have been several studies in which people who have been suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health related illnesses showed massive improvements. Many people also reported to have more energy, more confidence and felt much more motivated after their therapy. Acupuncture can have significant effects on any of your short term and long term mental health condition.  


6. Infertility:

Studies have proven that both men and women can increase their chances of getting pregnant by taking acupuncture treatments. Our fertility acupuncture Adelaide have had some amazing success stories among couples. Women suffering from PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid etc can benefit from it. It also increases the chances of having a successful IVF.


What To Expect In An Adelaide Acupuncture Clinic

Also, you should have plenty of willingness to answer questions. This is the kind of reception that is required to bring about the pleasant experience you need. With these, you are apparently ready to get started and Adelaide acupuncture.

Your intake will be reviewed by the acupuncturist and matters concerning your health and wellness goals will be discussed. You may also have to talk about your chief complaint. Your acupuncturist will use the information obtained to formulate a treatment tailored to your body. Note that no acupuncture treatment is the same.


Place of treatment

In any Adelaide acupuncture clinic, patients will be given the opportunity to choose a place of treatment before the procedure. Treatment can be performed in both a private room and a community acupuncture room. Generally, one-time use e needles (ranging from 10 to 15) will be inserted in various parts of the body. Those in a private room will have needles inserted on the back. But if you choose the community room, the needles will be inserted in your hands, arms, feet, and legs.

Acupuncture is painless and safe

As the needle is first inserted, a momentary prick may be felt. But most times, you will hardly feel the insertion of the needles. There is also a brief sensation of warmth, tingling or dull pressure after an insertion. The procedure is usually very relaxed that people often fall asleep. Acupuncture is extremely safe, as long as it is performed by a competent practitioner.

As a matter of fact, there are no risks of cross-infection involved. Only disposable needles are used which are discarded after a single use. In order to ensure patients’ safety, an acupuncturist must be well trained in clean needle technique, needling depth and anatomy.

Believe it or not, it works

Unlike any type of conventional treatment where a positive attitude is required, acupuncture works whether you believe it or not. So, it’s not necessary to believe in it for it to work. Interestingly, those patients who were extremely skeptical at first are those who turn out to be the happiest. The procedure often yields fantastic results. Consider animals that cannot believe in the effectiveness of acupuncture, yet there are proofs of successful treatments performed on them.

Acupuncture is not only meant for the sick

You don’t have to be sick to benefit from acupuncture Adelaide. As a matter of fact, it is the best preventive medicine. You can still visit an Adelaide acupuncture clinic even if you are no experiencing any health problem. Maintaining good health is safer, easier and even more cost effective than treating health problems.

What To Expect From Your Visit To One Of The Best Acupuncture Adelaide Professional

Acupuncture has been used as a mechanism for encouraging the promotion of the body system to heal naturally and to function better. Acupuncture was originally introduced a very long time ago. It has continually developed over the years and has become one of the recognized standards of therapies, and it’s most times used with a combination of other kinds of treatment such as moxibustion, herb, and massage.

Acupuncture in our world today is still an alternative form of medicine. It’s application technique differs, depending on the region. Its primary method is simply the inserting of needles into some strategic parts of the body. This process is very safe and can be performed by the best acupuncture Adelaide experienced practitioner with the use of clean and sterilized needles.

What it can be used to treat

  • Pain: It is used as a form of a great pain relief. It is used to treat pains such as neck pain, back pain, joint pain, postoperative pain, etc. All these pains are just being taken care of by the right application of the needles.
  • A headache: It is also used to reduce the intensity, pain and the frequency of a migraine. Another major type of problem it cures is a tension-type headache, which occurs significantly and very frequently.
  • Muscles: It is adequately used to treat muscle pains and spasm. This process is also used to release tight muscles in the body system.

It helps in the prevention of cognitive declination,

  • Digest system
  • Rehabilitation of stroke
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension (primary and essential)
  • Insomnia
  • Tennis elbow
  • Osteoarthritis

All these and more are proven to be effectively treated by acupuncture.

How it works

The process of acupuncture involves a simulation of some parts of the body using a variety of methods. This process is being carried out by a professionally trained practitioner, and it’s done by hand, by placing needles into some vital parts of the body. It is usually done gently and smoothly into the skin. The needles used are very tiny, which cause little or no pain at all. Some of the best acupuncture Adelaide practitioners usually use up to 20 needles at a time, but this process is pain-free irrespective of the number of needles used.

What you encounter during the process

Acupuncture is an accepted means of treatment, and it has different aspects, one of which is clinical acupuncture. There are procedures one usually encounters during this process. First, when you meet a practitioner, you will be told with to know what the problem is. And then you will be examined thoroughly via your tongue’s color, shape or coating, checking your pulse, and pressing of your vital organs to find out any other noticeable contribution to your problem. All these examinations can be done by some of the best acupuncture Adelaide professionals before the treatment procedure starts.

How Does Chinese Acupuncture Adelaide Work?

There are records of acupuncture used for hundreds of years before now. Nevertheless, this art originated from China, and for thousands of years, it has been practiced there. About the second part of the twentieth century, it started to spread widely in the western part of Europe and beyond. Chinese acupuncture Adelaide Involves an insertion of thin needles into the skin of the patient at different specific points of the body. Scientifically, the medical industry is not very much in agreement with this practice.

However, it is certain that Chinese acupuncture Adelaide has some benefits including alleviation of nausea symptoms and pain relief. According to WHO, Chinese acupuncture Adelaide is very good for the treatment of more than 28 different conditions. Those with migraines or tension headaches could find acupuncture as a very effective practice that will alleviate their symptoms.

How Does it Work?

Through 350 or more acupuncture point, in strategic places of the body, energy flows and meridians can be accessed– Sickness is said to be as a result of unbalanced forces. When needles are pierced into these strategic points with the required combinations, it is believed that the flow of energy will come back to its normal state.

How Is it Carried Out?

The acupuncturist will make use of single-use disposable needles. As each of these needles is inserted, the patient would feel them, but without pain at the beginning. However, when these needles get to the right depth, there would be an aching sensation. Sometimes the needles are stimulated or heated with electricity after inserting them. Once it is inserted, the needles must remain there for twenty minutes or thereabout.

Acupuncture involves several weeks or fortnights of treatments, depending on the situation at hand. Most courses can include up to about 12 sessions. A visit to the acupuncture center will involve an examination and assessment of the patient’s physical and mental condition, with advice on personal-care. Most sessions can last up to 30 minutes. The patient will be required to lie down, either face-down or face- up, depending on the various point of insertion.

Some benefits of acupuncture are:

It is an effective combination treatment

Acupuncture  is used in controlling most types of pain

It could be considered for people who don’t respond to other pain medications.

It is an alternative for patients who may not like to use pain medications.


Even though acupuncture is mainly used independently for some situations, it is now becoming a treatment option recommended by many health practitioners. The use of acupuncture to alleviate pain or nausea issues after surgery has become more widespread. Using acupuncture before any surgical operation will reduce the amount of pain and some potent painkillers that are required by a patient when surgery is over.

5 Things You May Not Know About Adelaide Acupuncture

A lot of things actually come to mind especially when it comes to understanding Adelaide acupuncture. Some consider it to be a painful, unscientific procedure while others see it as using tiny pins to ease the pain. Whatever the case may be, here are five important things you should know about the procedure.

For over 4,000 years now, the world has witnessed the use of acupuncture in no small measure, particularly in Asia. But in recent times, the West and other parts of the globe are just coming to understand its wondrous efficacy. Unfortunately, there have been several misconceptions or confusion about the use of the ancient medical practice in the modern society.

Acupuncture doesn’t hurt

Contrary to general belief, acupuncture isn’t a painful therapy. Many folks have been made to believe that it involves a painful process of inserting needles into the skin. However, it is not always true.

Adelaide Acupuncture

In most cases, you don’t even feel the pins go in. Adelaide acupuncture is basically concerned with the treatment of disorders. Like meditation, a deep feeling of relaxation is often being reported by most patients during a session. As signs of proper healing, patients may feel subtle sensations like a slight pinch in their body.

Requires consistency

Like exercise, physical therapy or chiropractic care there is the need for consistency with this form of Chinese medicine. In some cases, acupuncture does not fully work at a go. It tends to work best with consistency over an extended period of time. The treatment may also work faster for a more recent and acute condition. Note that a longer treatment course will be required for a more chronic ailment. Your lifestyle, overall health, and age are also other factors to consider.

Enhance blood flow

In order to improve the rate of recovery for chronic injuries, heat and blood flow are always factored in. when considering Chinese Medicine for musculoskeletal injuries note that acupuncture therapy helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Due to their ability to promote blood flow, warmer agents like Moxa may be included to dilate the blood vessels. This helps to improve recovery rate.

Supported by the WHO

It may surprise you to know that the World Health Organization (WHO) supports Adelaide acupuncture. As a matter of fact, the world body endorses the practice for over 100 symptoms and diseases. Some of which include depression, allergies, nausea and vomiting, headaches, and low back pain. This therapy has also been recommended to induce labor and relieve the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Acupuncturists are licensed

A rigorous graduate-level training program is required for anyone seeking to become a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac) in Adelaide. This programme could last for 3 or 4 years depending on the institution.

Using The Best Acupuncture Adelaide For Weight Loss

In Australia today, about a million people receive this treatment on a yearly basis, and the use of acupuncture rises daily. The benefactors of the best acupuncture Adelaide prefer. When sterilized thin needles are used to penetrate the skin at some point on your body. These thin needles are subsequently stimulated with electricity or the hand. For many years now, acupuncture has been in practice around the globe. It has been able to withstand the test of time due to its incredible effect on various health challenges. The mechanism behind this practice has remained a mystery, but researchers have revealed that some biochemical reactions may be responsible for all the beneficial effects of acupuncture.

According to the old medical theory, acupuncture points can be located on the meridians of the human body. This is the medium through which the vital energy in the body runs. After that, the acupuncturist will insert one or more thin and sterile needles.

Best Acupuncture Adelaide

They can also offer some advice on personal-care or other therapies to complement the treatment such as some Chinese herbs. The treatment is effective when you use the best acupuncture, Adelaide.


Is Using the Best Acupuncture in Adelaide Effective For Weight Loss?

Studies have shown that with a proper combination of other traditional techniques of weight loss and acupuncture, make patients lose weight. In other advanced countries, billions of dollars are spent on weight reduction programs in the struggle to lose excess fat. Regrettably, over 94% of these people fail in the struggle to lose this weight they need to keep up with good health. Fortunately, the practice of acupuncture can be effective in losing weight.

Auricular Acupuncture

Another wonderful acupuncture practice is known as auricular acupuncture. It involves the manipulation of some parts on the ear for the control of food cravings.  With proper administration by an experienced acupuncturist, this special practice can help people to lose weight. Another study in medical acupuncture showed that the ear acupuncture, along with a two thousand calorie diet on a daily basis and at least 20-minutes walk would help to reduce weight. This study had 15 obsess women from the age bracket of 22–24. In the end, 50% of those who engaged in sessions of the ear acupuncture had a weight loss of approximately 12 pounds, and those without it had less than 3 pounds lose weight. Everyone who had ear acupuncture experienced a reduction in appetite.

Final Note

During best acupunctureAdelaide, there is a release of endorphins (feel-good hormones in the body) as a result of the stimulation of the needles. This can easily create a relaxing and calming effect. It goes further to work against the urge to overeat due to anxiety, frustration, and stress. In this regard, acupuncture can relax the state of mind of those treated even without the use of orthodox medicine.

Reasons Why You Cannot Avoid Not To Try Chinese Acupuncture Adelaide

Chinese Acupuncture Adelaide and its benefits have become a worldwide topic of debate. Although its benefits are well evident, Western Medicine dismisses them. Lately, growing evidence points towards a total rethink of acupuncture and its benefits.

The history of this great Chinese practice dates back to more than 3000 years ago. There is over 20 pathways “qi” which connects about 2000 acupuncture points in the human body. Believers argue that yin and yang are forces operating in the universe and within the human body. Thus, suggestions are that these forces play huge roles in the influence of Qi. To this end, arguments abound that illness results when there is an obstruction to the flow of Qi. These obstruction results due to emotional stress, poor nutrition, injury, and others. To return to health, sterilized needles are inserted into some of the 2000 acupuncture points. This is mainly done to re-establish the flow of qi, thus restoring balance in the human body. But is this practice beneficial? This article will help convince you that it is!

Benefits of Chinese Acupuncture

  1. It helps to reduce and relieve depression

Many research on acupuncture abounds with suggestions that the practice relieves depression. It is believed that electroacupuncture is an effective and major antidepressant. This involves the passing of minor electric current through needles into the body. In return, these needles transmit minor current, an effective antidepressant into the body. Thus, alleviating known symptoms of depression with its biochemical markers.

Chinese Acupuncture Adelaide

  1. It is a good pain reliever

From research, Chinese Acupuncture Adelaide reduces pain and its experience by a whopping 50%. Although this research comes with mixed evidence. It is a proven fact that back, head and neck pains, as well as headaches, are treated using acupuncture. Investigations show that these needles inserted into the body rouses our sensory nerves. Thus, results to the immediate release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones, which relieves pain.

  1. It helps in reducing symptoms of anxiety

The number of people suffering from anxiety these days is alarming. It is even more so because only a few see the need for proper treatment. It has been proven that acupuncture is capable of reducing anxiety. With a few minutes’ acupuncture, evidence abounds symptoms of anxiety can be reduced. This is possible because acupuncture establishes a communication with the human body. This is possible through the over 2000 acupuncture points.

  1. It helps improve the human memory

Believes are that Chinese Acupuncture Adelaide plays key roles in improving the human memory. In adults and the age, it helps prevent certain age-related mental decline. In younger folks, that is youths and younger adults, it helps to improve memory.

  1. It acts as a buffer against chronic stress

Recently, there is an increase in the number of persons using acupuncture to treat stress. In animals, acupuncture results to the reduction in the level of neuropeptides produced. Neuropeptides are proteins in human known for their contributory roles in chronic stress. Although research linked to humans as regards this is quite limited but this could be true.

Qualities To Consider When Choosing The Best Adelaide Acupuncture Clinic

Aside from these lifestyle changes, before you let anyone take care of your medical condition, you’ll want to ensure they’re well trained. This simply means you will make inquiries about the best acupuncture  Adelaide clinic. You’ll find out about their licensure and the training of the acupuncturist. Some other issues you should consider are insurance reimbursement and fees.

Acupuncture treats the whole body including the mind, emotions, spirit, and the body. Other modalities like lifestyle changes, herbal therapies, balanced diet, avoiding toxins, and exercise play an important role in maintaining good health.

There are, however, more things to consider when choosing the best Adelaide acupuncture clinic besides reasonable rates and training. The best acupuncture Adelaide treatments are from acupuncturists that help put patients in a receptive mind frame. Communicating with them in a way they can understand while looking at symptoms and finding the root of the problem. Here are some qualities you should consider when looking for the best Adelaide acupuncture clinic.

Good Communication

When a patient goes to a doctor, a good manner of approach is very important. This will make the patient feel at ease. Good communication will also make them have a better understanding of what’s going to be done with their body. The same thing applies to acupuncture. A good acupuncturist starts by listening to the problem of the patient. After which they will translate how the treatment of acupuncture can help the patient. They will also inform the patient the treatment duration and if there will be any kind of side effect.

Expertise and Experience

Having years of experience is much more than knowing all the content of medical textbooks from page to page. This experience builds character and complete understanding of how to take care of challenging diseases and problems of patients. Acupuncture is becoming more popular and accepted treatment in correlation with a traditional treatment or by itself.

Acupuncture tends to help patients in a wide range of ailments such as morning sickness, nausea, chemotherapy side effects, etc. just like every doctor has an area of specialization, acupuncturists also have areas of specialty. While there are some general things they can do, some of them have specific treatment areas. You can find acupuncturists that are very good and experienced in treating infertility. While others might be experts in taking care of pains, neurological disorders, and depression.

Works with Yo

Best Acupuncture Adelaide treatments have a lot of benefits. But the ultimate goal is having an overall good health. For a patient to get the full benefit of acupuncture treatment, they must aim for a healthy lifestyle. A good Adelaide acupuncture clinic will work with you in achieving this goal. As a patient, you have a vital role to play in your healing process. You have to adhere to suggestions given to you by an acupuncturist.

Does Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide Work?

If you are looking for an affordable and effective alternative treatment for infertility, you may consider fertility acupuncture Adelaide. Due to higher efficiency, holistic treatment options like acupuncture have gained a wider appeal. Let us see how acupuncture for fertility works below.

The overwhelming sense of loss and anguish experienced by the majority of women struggling with infertility is an unwelcome motivator that causes them to seek alternative treatment options in a bid to overcome the issue. From DIY home remedies to fertility drugs, and surgery, along with vitro fertilization to mention a few, modern healthcare solutions have vastly expanded over the years thus providing an array of treatment options for women facing fertility issues.

It is noteworthy to indicate that despite the advancement in therapeutic options available for infertility, not every woman can afford the cost of treating the issue.

Acupuncture Adelaide

Couples can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on fertility drugs to tens of thousands of dollars on advanced procedures like Intrauterine insemination.Modern acupuncture involves the insertion and stimulation of disposable thin, sterile needles at specific points near the body’s surface.

Acupuncture is valued for relaxation and stress-relieving benefits, as well as for fertility treatments. Fertility acupuncture Adelaide has snowballed in acceptance by the public and is one of the most practiced holistic therapies today.

According to a recent study conducted by Tel Aviv University, when used in line with Western fertility treatment options, acupuncture increases the rate of conception by an impressive 26%.

The Potential of Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide to Increase Conception Chances

Acupuncture increases fertility by boosting blood flow to your reproductive organs, reducing stress, and balancing your endocrine system. The goal of fertility acupuncture Adelaide isn’t just to achieve conception but to remain pregnant. And be delivered of a healthy baby. Acupuncture can provide improved blood flow to your ovaries and uterus, thus creating a better chance for conception.

Acupuncture for fertility issues can improve nearly every cause of infertility. As stated earlier, one way that acupuncture can treat infertility is by reducing stress (often a primary factor infertility issues in both men and women). When you are under stress, cortisol is released in your brain.

The release of this hormone alters your brain’s neurochemical balance, ultimately changing hormonal levels. And disrupting pituitary balance (both of which are key to your reproductive cycle). If the thyroid is unbalanced, acupuncture can help treat its effects on fertility. Acupuncture can be used to treat spasmed tubes according to the American Pregnancy Association.


The benefits of acupuncture for infertility cannot be overstated. It is a more effective and cheaper alternative to treat conception issues. It won’t be a bad thing to give it a try.

How Can Acupuncture Adelaide Improve Fertility?

Acupuncture may simply be referred to as the process of treating pain with needles. During this process, needles are inserted into points where blocked meridians affect the flow of energy. Basically, this medical technique is aimed at treating disorders and restoring health. It can be used to treat a wide range of disorders including, hypertension, asthma, and arthritis.

Recently, it has been revealed that acupuncture can improve fertility. This might physically sound somewhat impossible. However, research has shown that the act of dry needling can really be used to treat infertility. According to the study, acupuncture can effectively treat under- and over-functioning thyroid. This might not be possible with all cases of infertility. Nevertheless, acupuncture Adelaide does improve ovarian and follicular function thanks to the increase of blood-flow. Thanks to the increased blood flow to the endometrium which encourages a thick and rich lining.

When is the Best Time to Start Treatment?

Treatment should start about 3 or 4 months even before pregnancy is confirmed. The overall process is very therapeutic and in this case more is better than less. Whether it’s done the old-fashioned way, through an egg donor or insemination it still does work. The best form of treatment in terms of fertility is a combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and traditional medicine. However, the latter isn’t always necessary. As much as herbal medicine and acupuncture are part of the treatment then the odds are increased dramatically.

When Should Treatment Stop?

At times, miscarriages can occur within the first trimester of pregnancy. So, treatment can be continued for at least twelve weeks in the pregnancy in order to help prevent a miscarriage. However, some acupuncture points have to be avoided after an insemination or a transplant has been performed. Ensure to find a certified professional who is highly knowledgeable about the process and fertility.

What Are The Risks?

If acupuncture Adelaide can really improve fertility as revealed, what are the risks to bear? If performed by a professional who specializes in fertility treatment the risk can be extremely low. This is why it’s important to seek the services of a reputable acupuncturist. When it’s done incorrectly, it can increase the chances of having a miscarriage. In Adelaide, acupuncture is a licensed practice, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the acupuncturist is adept with reproductive treatment.


There is quite a long list of fertility issues that can be treated with acupuncture, but there are certain limitations. For instance, acupuncture Adelaide can effectively de-spasm tubes but it cannot unblock them. Even men who are affected with sperm DNA fragmentation can look to acupuncture for help. If your expectations are realistic acupuncture can probably be the answer to your fertility problems. This research has revealed how acupuncture can improve fertility in Adelaide.