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Acupuncture: How Effective Is It In Managing Back Pain?

Acupuncture has grown to become one of the most global alternate medical practices. In fact, it is well-accepted and well-practiced in the United States of America.

Today, it is used for managing low back pain, neck pain, and many others. Today, about 8 in every 10 persons suffer from back pain. In fact, this trend has become the reason most persons seek help via medical treatment. The good news is; studies suggest that acupuncture is effective for healing back pain. But the question is; how effective is acupuncture for back pain?

How effective is acupuncture for back pain?

Acupuncture which originated from China is more than 2500 years old. The Chinese believe that there are over 2000 energy points in your body. Hence, this traditional Chinese practice focuses on relieving back pain using tiny needles. These needles are inserted at some of these points in the body to relieve you from back pain. Once these needles are inserted into your body, they create energy flow by connecting these points. Thus, simulates the over 200 points to correct any discrepancy in your body. This improves the flow of energy in your body which results in effective relief of back pain.

The truth is this energy flow helps to stimulate your central nervous system. Thus, certain chemicals are released into the spinal cord as well as your muscles and brain. This experience alters any feel of back pain by producing changes in your body. These changes play vital roles in promoting a good judgment of well-being. This helps to eliminate and relieve you of back pain.

Acupuncture helps to improve your body functions. In doing this, it stimulates certain meridians connected to your back. Thus, it initiates and promotes your body’s natural self-healing process. This eases you of back pain. Thus, how effective is acupuncture is effective for back pain? According to research, it is effective. 22 acupuncture focused studies reviewed suggest that it is effective for back pain. These reviews opined that individuals who underwent acupuncture showed sign of back pain relief as compared to those who didn’t.

There are energy flow points called qi in your back. An acupuncturist will focus on these points to ease you of back pain. These points are:

  • Foot points
  • Hand points
  • Stomach points
  • Points on the back of your knees
  • Points on your lower back
  • Hip points
  • Head points
  • Neck points
  • Shoulder points
  • Upper back points

To answer the question how effective is acupuncture for back pain, your acupuncturist should focus on these points to make it effective for back pain relief.

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Does Acupuncture Treatment Cause Pain To Patients?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that has gained global acceptance. Across the globe, it is used to treat and cure several diseases and health condition. To achieve this, tiny fine
needles are inserted into certain points in your body. Although it is widely practiced, it does not cure all diseases and health conditions. It is good for treating pain, osteoarthritis, repetitive strain condition,
and many others.

Does acupuncture treatment cause pain?

Acupuncture involves inserting needles into your body to bring about healing. It is associated with mild or no pain. Acupuncture treatment does not result in pain. Although it is possible for you to feel an insignificant pinprick, it does not cause pain. More so, chances are you will feel a slight tingling sensation when the needles are inserted into your body. Today, the use of guide tubes has almost
eliminated these sensations. Such that the only sensation you feel on your skin is the pressure of the guide tube.

During acupuncture, there is the possibility that needles may hit your nerve. In fact, it is possible for it to touch a blood vessel in your body. Thus, resulting in some short-term ‘ouch’ moments during
acupuncture treatment. But it is likely that you will feel intolerable pain from such encounter and experience.

The truth is; slight pain could due to the shock that comes with a needle hitting your nerve. But it is extremely rare to experience unbearable pain in this situation. In fact, it could result in a mild level of rigidity in your muscles and not unbearable pain. From experience, when needles hit your muscles in a twinge, it releases knots. This at most will result in a certain level of discomfort.
The target of acupuncture treatment when performed by a traditional acupuncturist is the whole body.

During acupuncture treatments, it is possible for your body to discharge tension and knots. The truth is you might not know of this occurrence. More so, this can result in some level of emotional
discomfort and release. This happens in the situation if you get exposed to great shock. Although this is not harmful, an acupuncturist will give you time to recover from this state. Your chances to continue treatment lies in recovering from such emotional discomfort and release.

The truth is if an acupuncturist uses the wrong needles for acupuncture treatment, it can cause pain. More so, there is the need to ensure your acupuncturist is licensed to give acupuncture treatment. In fact, it is best you get treatment in approved centers to avoid unfavorable situations.

So, does acupuncture treatment cause pain? No, it doesn’t when done by a professional and in the right environment.

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Acupuncture: Does acupuncture help with pain management?

Acupuncture, an age-long Chinese practice seems to have gained global recognition. Today, it has become an increasingly accepted treatment for managing pain. In fact, it is relevant to the managing of low back and neck pain and even osteoarthritis. So, people ask questions like does Chinese acupuncture help with pain management? We will find out in this article. In the USA, it is covered by most insurance and even top insurance companies.

What is acupuncture?

This is a branch of traditional Chinese medical practice. It is more than 3500 years older when compared to western medicine. This medical practice involves the use of tiny needs on the human skin. These needles are inserted into the human skin. Upon insertion, they simulate the human muscles, its nerves, and connective tissues. The aim of acupuncture is to alleviate pain, nervousness, and stress.
More so, acupuncture stimulates the energy-carrying channels in the human body.

These channels are known as the meridians. Thus, these simulations help to bring about a balance in the human body which results in good health. So, does acupuncture help with pain management?

Acupuncture and its role in pain management

Acupuncture is a reliable and safe medical practice for pain management. Here are few reasons that assure that acupuncture helps in pain management.

Acupuncture is medically efficient and effective. It helps to stimulate the human body during treatment. Thus, it starts the self-healing mechanism around muscles, nerves and connective tissues in our body. This brings about the natural healing resulting in
the easing of pain. Hence, acupuncture is a great tool needed for the natural management and healing of pain.

Acupuncture is important to the managing of low back and neck pain. Studies by the National Institute of Health suggest that it works well to treat chronic pain. More so, this study claims that it helps reduce the severity of headaches. Thus, it has the
potential to stop migraines.

A suggestion in a review article on Practical Pain Management implies that it helps to relieve pain. This review pinpoints that acupuncture inactivates the source of pain in your body. To achieve this, it modulates the level of endorphin in your body.

Thus, acupuncture is relevant for the management pain. It works well in the managing of back pain. Thus, it reduces the intensity of pain you experience in your back. On the long run, this reduces the way such pains affect your daily activities.

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Does Acupuncture Give Temporary Or Permanent Results? Read This To Find Out!

Does Adelaide Acupuncture give temporary or permanent results? – This particular question is being asked all the time. Acupuncture is a treatment method or technique that is well-known for its efficacy in the treatment of pains and numerous other conditions.

Acupuncture, as already said, is effective in the treatment of various medical conditions. However, does acupuncture give temporary or permanent results? Most people who have undertaken the acupuncture treatment service have confirmed that they were able to enjoy a permanent recovery after a few sessions. Most times, within five to ten treatments. Some people even confirmed that they noticed an immediate result.

People who have been suffering from acute or serious conditions for a long duration may need more treatment sessions before they can get permanent results. However, in a few cases, the results may only be temporary. Besides, it should be known that the acupuncture was first introduced as a form of pain relief. And over the years, it was used to treat other medical conditions successfully.

Then it became a form of treatment method for many conditions. In the course of using it as a form of treatment, it was discovered that it was more effective with some conditions than others. This implies that it can give permanent results. In some cases within a short time while it will take longer in others. So, does acupuncture give temporary or permanent results? The answer will depend on some factors. For example, the medical condition in question, the duration of the condition, has acupuncture ever been used to treat the condition permanently? And so on.

The medical condition

It has already been discussed that some conditions have been successfully treated with acupuncture. If the medical condition is one of such conditions then the result will be permanent.

Duration of the condition

One factor that must be considered when thinking of acupuncture is the duration of the condition one is being faced with. As already said, some serious, acute and/or long-term medical issues may require prolonged treatment sessions. And in such cases, the
results may either be permanent or temporary depending on the severity of the condition.

History of the condition

Adelaide Acupuncture Clinic

You should try to know whether there is a history of the condition being able to be treated with Adelaide Acupuncture successfully. If yes, then that means that you can undertake an acupuncture treatment technique for the permanent solution to the condition.

Finally, the bottom line is that acupuncture can give permanent results to certain conditions, although some factors have to be considered. In addition, research has shown that it has been used to treat a wide range of conditions successfully.

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How To Get The Best Adelaide Acupuncture

Adelaide Acupuncture  is gradually spreading to all parts of the world because of its numerous benefits. When it was first introduced, a lot of people doubted its efficacy. Things are now changing as its efficacy has been proved several times. Acupuncture has the ability to relieve patients of postoperative pain, nausea, migraine, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, even arthritis etc…

Acupuncture involves the practice of inserting small needles in specific points on the body. These insertions have the ability to stimulate relevant nerve endings of the body. The stimulation of some nerve endings helps to relieve the body of one medical condition or the other.


One of the countries where acupuncture is being practiced is Australia. Adelaide acupuncture is very effective and several Australians can testify to the efficacy of Adelaide acupuncture. However, it is important to point of the fact that some providers of Adelaide acupuncture are much better than others. So, it is important to select your acupuncture specialist with care to get the best service.

Reference is very important

When it comes to health services, it is better to seek reference. It is advisable to seek reference from people who have undergone the treatment successfully before. It could be from a friend or a colleague. If that does not work, you could also do some online research or throw it up in online forums. The contacts of a couple of acupuncture specialists should come up.

Make reasonable comparison

You should not just hire the first specialist you get to meet. You need to have a chat with at least three specialists before selecting one. This will give you a chance to compare charges, expertise and terms of service. You can start with the contacts you get from seeking reference.

Consider experience

Experience really counts because the more you do something the better you will get in that thing. So, it is very likely that the most experienced specialist offers the best service. Although the most experienced acupuncture specialist is likely to offer the highest charges, you should still hire him. When it comes to health services, it is not advisable to look for the cheapest. No amount of money is too much to spend on your health.

However, what if you can’t afford the charges of the most experienced acupuncture specialist? You have no choice but to move to the specialist whose are charges are next in line. The catch here is to hire the most experienced acupuncture specialist whose charges are within your budget.

In conclusion, it is important to bear in mind that acupuncture only offers reduction in the severity of certain pains, it does not eliminate the pains completely. The amount of reduction actually depends on the expertise of the specialist. For more information contact [insert your company name]

Acupuncture In Adelaide: Acupuncture Treatment Can Help Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Have you considered going for an acupuncture treatment? Acupuncture can relieve you from the symptoms associated with IBS. Would you like to get your bowels functioning properly? Here are some of the benefits of getting treatment with Acupuncture Adelaide.

  1. Stress relief

Most of the time, people find it very hard to digest their favorite meals properly. This is as a result of the accumulated fatigue that has suppressed the proper functions of digestive organs. With an acupuncture session, you not only feel relaxed but also get your organs functioning normally.

  1. Improved bowel movement

If you suffer from an irregular bowel movement, acupuncture Adelaide is the best therapy for you. What acupuncture does improve the flow of bile in the digestive system? When needles are inserted into your liver, a trigger occurs, allowing digestive enzymes move from your bile to your spleen. This action will reduce the constant feeling of belching, nausea or gas in your digestive system.

  1. Eliminating food sensitivity

Because of irregular bowel movement, you may become sensitive to some common food. Have you noticed this for a very long time? Do you develop allergies towards some food you find irresistible? Acupuncture can help you alter the reaction you have towards some foods. After the treatment, your body system will function properly. So, you don’t have to deprive yourself of a meal that you have so desired for long. Let acupuncture help recover. You don’t have to be restricted to what you are capable of eating when you want.

  1. Corrective measure for premenstrual syndrome

The reason why women suffer from premenstrual syndrome is that of the obstructed flow of bile in the stomach. This causes muscle cramps when the digestive system cannot digest food properly. As such when the menstrual cycle begins, women tend to suffer pains below the stomach. However, with the help of acupuncture, you can get relief from symptoms associated with PMS. When the bile flows freely, the bowels become free of congestion, allowing the proper flow of blood while experiencing menstruation.

Do you have irregular bowel moment, constipation or struggling with PMS? You shouldn’t consider self-medication to start with. Acupuncture with some mixture of genuine herbal therapy can relieve you of pain. Do you need to get a quick relief? Stop enduring the pain and discomfort and get the freedom you are entitled to. For more information, visit an acupuncture service provider in Adelaide for inquiries.

How Chinese Acupuncture Adelaide Works

Acupuncture Adelaide is a very beneficial alternative medicine. It relieves patients of a lot medical conditions. Due to its efficacy, the therapy is being practiced in Adelaide and several other parts of the world. Acupuncture originated from China so it is offered as Chinese acupuncture Adelaide. People generally think Chinese acupuncture Adelaide is the most effective type of acupuncture. Contrary to the belief, acupuncture is acupuncture. The only difference lies in the expertise of the service provider.

How does it work?

Chinese acupuncture Adelaide involves the insertion of small needles in certain parts of the body. In fact, it is a series of procedures towards the management of disease or pain. It involves the stimulation of the nerve endings in specific points in the body.

It is done by hand and the insertions are quite shallow to avoid inflicting pains on the patient. The number of needles used in one acupuncture session is usually between 10 and 20. The process is quite painless as the needles are of the same size with the needles used for clinical injections.

The specific locations where acupuncture focuses on are known as acupuncture points or just acupoints. The body is divided into 14 meridians for different ailments. Each meridian is meant for a particular part of the body. For instance, there is a lung meridian. When treating any lung related condition, the needles are inserted in the lung meridian.

Some of the major meridians are liver meridian, kidney meridian, urinary bladder meridian, small intestine meridian, heart meridian, spleen meridian, stomach meridian, lung meridian and large intestine meridian.

Steps involved in a typical acupuncture session

  • The first thing is for the acupuncturist to talk to the patient with the aim of preparing him (the patient) for what is ahead. Mental readiness is very important in all medical procedures.
  • The acupuncturist will then check the tongue and other vital organs of the patient before going ahead
  • At this point, the acupuncturist does the insertion of the needles in the relevant meridian. Of course the needles have to be sterile before insertion and they should be discarded immediately after the session. To avoid infections, it is advisable to use a set of needles just once.
  • After insertion, the acupuncturist checks the pulses of the patient. Sometimes redness of the skin occurs on the needle insertion points. This is a normal phenomenon.
  • The needles will be left in the body for a short period of time while the patient remains still.
  • The needles are then removed and that marks the end of the acupuncture session. It is highly recommended that patients should drink a lot of water after the procedure as this enhances the process of detoxification.

In conclusion, Chinese acupuncture is an effective therapy. It is believed that acupuncture has the ability to tackle even more illnesses than the ones already discovered. Researches are on for more benefits of acupuncture. For more information contact [insert the relevant company name]

Acupuncture for Infertility – Does It Work?

Adelaide Acupuncture is an ancient healing system that aims to rebalance the bioenergy of the body. While it is not yet a fully tested treatment, many patients test it as a Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide supplement. Find a good doctor to guide you, so that you are aware of the strengths and limitations of this system and can help you in infertility.

Acupuncture is an ancient system of traditional medicine that has been practiced in China for thousands of years. It has a proven track record for treating many medical problems, and many infertile patients are now interested in exploring this option to improve their fertility.


The theory

The theory behind the acupuncture treatment is that it can rebalance the bioenergy of the body running in the Meridian pathways, and this helps improve tissue function. The “scientific” explanation is that it changes the levels of neurotransmitters, the chemicals that nerve cells use to communicate. You can get more information about how and why acupuncture works on


Why the greatest interest?

While there is no doubt that modern medicine inspires astonishment and it is true that IVF labs and sophisticated ultrasound machines seem very impressive and reassuring when you are infertile, there is a growing interest in exploring alternative treatment options such as Ayurveda for treat infertility today.

This is because, paradoxically, despite the fact that the effectiveness of reproductive technology has improved dramatically, the most infertile patients who have never felt dissatisfied with their medical care at present. This situation has resulted in a movement towards ‘alternative’ medicine, which has become increasingly popular around the world.


Is modern medicine rejected?

There are many reasons for this unhappiness with modern medicine.

Patients increasingly feel that medicine has become too commercial and doctors are too busy to spend time with them. They are not comfortable with the impersonal nature of modern medicine, especially when the doctor spends more time looking at their lab reports instead of understanding their problems. It is no doubt that patients love technology, they also need one on one and loving attention; After all, doctors must take care not only of their medical problems, but also their emotional needs.


A unique approach

Acupuncture focuses on infertility in isolation, alternative medicine treats the patient as a whole; hence the popular term, holistic medicine. Physicians who practice alternative medicine sit down and talk to the patient; They touch it and they feel it and they ask many questions. And that attention feels good, in refreshing contrast with the modern doctor who rarely has 15 minutes to spend with the patient. (Often, loving care and personal attention are all that alternative medicine doctors have to offer, but they offer it very well!)

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Acupuncture in Adelaide

Finding and getting treatment by a good doctor of any kind requires constant thought and recommendations to get the desired outcome. Acupuncture in Adelaide is something that is not related to scientific medicine but still helps people a lot by treating the entire person and maintaining a good energy flow. Before you allow anyone to treat you, it is crucial that you make sure that he/she is well trained.


Get Recommendations:

Acupuncture in Adelaide has grown tremendously over the years. There is a very high chance that there is someone around who would have had an acupuncture treatment done. Acupuncture in Adelaide works really well if you there are good recommendations for it. So, do your research among family and friends before deciding on a good acupuncture.


Deep Listening:

The best acupuncturists will have a good relation with all their patients as an individual and not follow the same old method of needle placement. The best acupuncturists use acupuncture as a tool which is used within a full medical system and do not just keep on inserting needles that are used for stimulation at specific points on the body.. This requires sound knowledge and clinical skill along with a caring heart and the ability to form a trusting relationship between the acupuncturist and the patient.


Good Communication:

A patient feels more in touch with his doctor and is able to feel that comfort while getting treatment when he knows exactly what is going on inside his body and what needs to be done to fix it. A good doctor always maintains this communication. You need to know what to expect in terms of length of treatment and any discomfort that you face.



An experience develops character and understanding of how the diseases are, what needs to be done and also draw from their live experiences. While there are generalists, there are many Acupuncture in Adelaide who are well versed in one field like fertility, mental health, muscular health etc while others may be more comfortable in giving general treatments to their clients.



The cost depends on the facilities, practitioner’s education and clinical set up. Some might offer you free treatment like many acupuncturists are offering free treatment for breast cancer while some treatments like that for fertility might cost a lot. So, before you start a program consider your budget and then search accordingly.



Acupuncture facilities cover a wide variety of clinics from simple and comfortable to sterile and clinical. You should consider what type of environment do you feel the most comfortable in? If you do not find any pictures on a practitioner’s website, drop by the facility to see if it is a good match for your tastes. A personal visit is also a good way to have an idea on how the clinic’s style and attitude is.


Works with you:

The patients must receive the full benefits from their treatments. A good acupuncturist should take into the account the goal of empowering the patient to heal.

5 Benefits of Regular Acupuncture Adelaide

Many people have started believing in acupuncture as the best alternative medicine treatment. These acupuncture Adelaide treatments are quite successful in maintaining a good energy flow in your body and this is how it helps to cure some ailments. Here are some physical benefits of regular acupuncture Adelaide treatments.


Helps in Joint Pain:

As people age, they start facing problems with their joints especially knee pain. Muscle stiffness and pain in back and shoulders is also a big problem. These problems can easily be cured by acupuncture. Acupuncture releases discomfort and is very useful in treating conditions such as sprains, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It improves overall circulation in your muscles, joints and bones naturally. You should be able to see a difference within a few sessions.


Maintains Nervous System Health:

Acupuncture works amazingly for maintaining and improving the health of your nervous system. When performed regularly, acupuncture can help promote healing and fix problems associated with your nerve cells. Acupuncture can actually help the patients that deal with depression, strokes, anxiety, depression, nerve paralysis, nerve deafness, Parkinson’s disease etc. Acupuncture can also help in reducing stress levels.


Helps in Good Digestion:

Our lifestyle has really taken a toll on our digestion. There are studies that have proven that acupuncture when taken regularly can help in improving the health of your digestive system. Digestive disorders can help with indigestion, gallstones, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, IBS and others. Apart from curing health problems, it can also help in the nutrient absorption rate of the body such as vitamins and minerals which can then help in maintaining your overall health.


Eases Respiratory Diseases:

Respiratory diseases have also increased in the current scenario thanks to the amount of pollution that we create. The most common respiratory diseases include asthma and bronchitis. Acupuncture helps promote healthy muscular walls that line in and around lungs thus help in solving your breathing issues. With constant sessions of acupuncture, your lungs would be able to perform better as it also helps in getting rid of unwanted bacteria.


Promotes Overall Well Being:

Many people seek out for acupuncture treatments even if they do not have any ailments or health issues. Many chinese people get help of acupuncture to help increase blood circulation and ease stress. It promotes healing of any issue naturally by promoting blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, thereby helping in overall health.


Benefits of acupuncture can extend widely to varied conditions like emotional disorders, digestive health, muscular health etc. Since acupuncture has so many benefits, it is always to look for good acupuncture Adelaide treatments.