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How To Identify The Best Acupuncture Adelaide

How To Identify The Best Acupuncture Adelaide

The task of finding or trying to identify an acupuncture practitioner to render the most efficient treatment can be overwhelming. Especially for a first-timer who is still skeptical about having needles stuck into various parts of their bodies. Even though it is for the treatment of whatever conditions they might have. So to put your mind at ease. And also for those who are already familiar with what Acupuncture treatment is about, here are definite actions to help you identify the best Acupuncture Adelaide.


Contact Them at Will


To know more about the best acupuncture Adelaide practitioner, make sure to get in contact with them yourself. You can either contact them through phone, email or in person. Good communication with the acupuncturist who may possibly administer treatment to you cannot be overemphasized.


You are going to be sharing personal information about yourself that is considered private, even if it’s just menstrual issues or a knee injury or shoulder treatment you are going for, it is crucial that you establish at the initial stage what your general sense is about them.


Ask About the Practitioner’s Certification and Level of Experience


Another thing you should ensure to ask when in contact with a professional in acupuncture, is where they acquired their certification and how long they have been licensed for.


You can look up the answers they give you afterward and also ask for patient referrals. An honest and reputable acupuncturist will be more than willing to give you all the information you seek.


Trust your Feelings


Trust your gut feeling, if after speaking with a potential acupuncturist and you still not satisfy, move on till you get the one you are okay with.


Find Out Their Area of Specialty


Acupuncturists, in some parts of the world are mandated to go through a four-year full-time graduate course, in addition to passing licensing test offered by the state. A fully licensed Acupuncture practitioner can legally act in a similar capacity as a general medical practitioner. They receive training in all areas of medicine but have no authority to prescribe drugs.


Find a Practitioner Who Has A Similar Background to Yours


It’s important to find or identify the acupuncturist who have a first-hand experience with the conditions you need treatment on. The work they will do will ensure you live longer and enjoy a healthier life. Take an example, let’s say you have an athletic background. You will save more time if you contact the best Acupuncture Adelaide who are specialized in the exact background as yours. Rather than taking all the time explaining what cause your condition or told to take some time off from working out or to quit outrightly.


This doesn’t mean an acupuncturist without the same background as yours can’t be of help. There are many practitioners who do not specialize in athletics but have successfully helped athletes in hundreds of cases.


What You Should Know About Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide Families Can Try

What You Should Know About Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide Families Can Try

Most couples who are struggling with infertility often seek in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other treatments made available by modern medicine to boost their chances of conception. However, acupuncture has been scientifically proven to be an effective natural method of improving fertility. Fertility acupuncture Adelaide gives evidence that this ancient practice significantly increases the rate of conception. Consequently, more and more couples are opting for acupuncture therapy.


What Does Fertility Acupuncture Adelaide Involve?


Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into distinct acupuncture points on the human body. There are more than 2,000 acupuncture points on the body that connects with pathways known as meridians. The meridians conduct qi between the internal organs and the exterior of the body. It is believed that the qi or energy aids spiritual, physical, mental and emotional balance. An unhealthy lifestyle and other circumstances can obstruct the flow of qi, giving rise to diseases and pain. Basically, acupuncture aids the free flow of qi and ultimately increases the chances of conception.


A session with an acupuncturist usually begins with a thorough examination and evaluation of your physical and emotional health. Your practitioner will work with you to draft a 3 to 6 months plan that includes regular acupuncture sessions, Chinese herbal remedies, warm counseling and nutritional assessment. Sometimes, your acupuncturist may also need to work with your medical doctor to design a comprehensive treatment plan.


Here Are Five Ways Acupuncture Aids Fertility:


  1. Reduces Stress


The reproductive hormones of women are more sensitive to stress as it can prevent ovulation and also create spasms in both the uterus and fallopian tubes. However, helping the brain to relax can aid the balance of various hormones required for conception.


Acupuncture supports the release of hormones called endorphins, which aids relaxation and promotes a feeling of well-being. Acupuncture fertility Adelaide offers treatments that counter the effect of stress.


  1. Boost The Flow Of Qi


Qi is the life force that shapes the essence of every living thing. It usually flows freely throughout the body, fostering its natural healing processes and supporting optimal wellness. When there is a disruption of flow, acupuncturists can help unblock the qi, resulting in the creation of life.


  1. Supports IVF


Acupuncture supports in vitro fertilization treatment by preparing the body for pregnancy, creating the relaxed environment needed for implantation and reducing contractions in the uterus. As part of an integrative procedure, some IVF specialist recommends fertility acupuncture for their patients.


  1. Lowers The Risks Of Miscarriage


Most miscarriages tend to occur during the first 12weeks of pregnancy. Hence it is advisable to continue acupuncture therapy even after conception. The therapy will help your body make necessary adjustments, regulate vital functions and ensures a suitable environment for your developing fetus.


  1.   Boosts Male Fertility


Stress can alter the motility or sperm count in men. It can cause impotency and difficulties with libido. Acupuncture fertility Adelaide indicates that practitioners can develop a holistic treatment plan to assist men with fertility related issues to father children.


Five Reasons To Try Adelaide Acupuncture

Five Reasons To Try Adelaide Acupuncture

Adelaide acupuncture has become more and more popular these days. This is no surprise, as it can treat a variety of symptoms, ranging from minor aches and pains to more serious conditions, that other medical experts are not able to treat. Acupuncture is something that one can turn to when they are struggling emotionally as well.


Here are five reasons why someone would want to turn to Adelaide acupuncture


-Various types of aches and pains can be reduced dramatically.


This means that one does not have to persevere with regular massage or medication. Two of the most common forms of pains have to do with the neck and the back. Often, this is related to stress. A lot of the time, this happens when one spends much of the time working at the computer. After a couple of sessions, you will find that these pains will begin to relieve the tension that you are suffering from.


-People who suffer from anxiety as well as depression can benefit hugely.


Anxiety is one of the most common forms of psychological disorders that people suffer from. There are medications available, but many of these come with side effects which are not very helpful. Many people find that the acupuncture is slowly released over time. It has also been proven that this is a more natural way of treating depression. Your brain is stimulated by the needles which are inserted at various points. In addition to this, most people with depression, will also battle with insomnia, and Adelaide acupuncture will be effective in addressing this problem as well.


-It is effective for people who have injuries that keep on cropping up.


This can happen when you begin to age, and find that you have an old knee energy from your football days, for example. The muscles begin to relax after a couple of sessions of acupuncture. It means you don’t need to go through the process, contacting a surgeon which can be a lot more complicated, and expensive.


-It can be a good idea for people who suffer from a lot of migraines.


There are experienced people who know more about the pressure points, and how to go about this. It means that you will have less of these, which can obviously come as a great relief.


-It’s perfect for stress, which just about everyone is exposed to from time to time.


You may be living a busy lifestyle with a home to run and kids to see to, which often throws you off balance. When you have a stressful job, this type of therapy can make the world of difference, and can simply be the answer to your prayers, reducing the amount of anxiety and tension in your life as well.

Six Ways Acupuncture In Adelaide Can Improve Your Health

Six Ways Acupuncture In Adelaide Can Improve Your Health

Acupuncture in Adelaide does not only people with chronic aches and pains, but it is also a way in dealing with one’s overall health. This is something that has been around for years and years. It is a completely natural process developed by the Chinese, and proven to be extremely successful.

acupuncture in adelaide

Here are six ways in which acupuncture in Adelaide can help improve your health


-Depression & Insomnia


Many psychologists will refer their patients to someone like this in order to relieve a lot of their anxiety, depression and insomnia. It can work wonders, especially because it is completely natural and there are no side effects involved. People who suffer from large amounts of stress in their life will benefit from a dose of acupuncture from time to time. Studies have also proven to show that this has been effective with those folk who struggle to sleep at night.




People are surprised at how their minor pains are dealt with after a number of sessions. However, many people find that arthritis can improve with the help of acupuncture as well. It does not take completely heal the illness, but it reduces the pain by a large degree. The needles will help block these pain receptors, and it gives people the chance for people to do more with their lives who feel that they are more limited.




Many patients with chemotherapy are treated because of the pain that they go through during this time. This can be unbearable, and this natural approach can help with the pain, nausea as well as the emotional side of things.


-High Blood Pressure


This symptom is obviously dangerous and it is something that people need to be aware because it can lead to complications with the heart. There are also side effects associated with high blood pressure. However, acupuncture in Adelaide can relieve the pressure of the blood, causing it to become lower over time.


-Children with illnesses


There are many children that can benefit from acupuncture as well. Parents have started to see this form of treatment in a very positive light. Many kids were allergies or more serious pains and disorders will need medications. It means that there are side effects, where they become less focused and often more hyperactive. Some of the disorders that children can benefit from can include epilepsy as well as attention deficit disorder.


-Lose weight


A number of people have success with acupuncture. Especially when they decide to give up smoking or they want to lose weight. Many people believe in coming back for weekly treatment in order to benefit from the treatment in the best way possible. Research is happening all the time, relating to how one can improve in the treatment methods and which areas of the body and health one is able to improve for a better quality of life.

Newsletter 1 summer 2011


Thanks for finding your way to Newsletter No#1.

It has been for me an interesting year, so much happening around the world and in my own life. Many people I have spoken to have found this year challenging for one reason or another.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Christmas and some time off with the Family.

Enjoy the rest of the articles below, hope you find some of it useful.

Cheers and best wishes for the rest of the year, Christmas and into the New Year!


This time of year the parties go on for weeks.

Rich food, alcohol and late nights can take their toll. The liver in particular can be put under undue stress creating nasty symptoms of acute liver inflammation.

Understanding the liver and knowing what strategies to employ can help you enjoy the festive season with minimal side effects.

The liver is an amazing organ. Roughly 1.7 litres of blood are ‘cleaned up’ by the liver daily. It stores iron, makes bile and creates other important nutrients and chemicals that your body needs for good health.

It must deal not only with excess accumulations of fats, proteins, as well as all the environmental toxins and the unnatural chemicals found in modern (commercialized) foods like; soft drinks, flavour enhancers, preservatives, artificial agents, colour, emulsifiers, pesticides on foods, hormones in meat, chemicals in the water supply and cosmetics such as hairspray, creams and more. All this can contribute to a toxic build-up.  Toxins, by the way, are stored in your body fat if your liver cannot get rid of it.

Attached to the liver and lying just below it is the gall bladder and its job is to store and concentrate the bile produced by the liver and release bile by way of ducts into the duodenum where it is essential for lipid (normal fats) digestion.  Approximately half a litre of bile is produced by the liver daily on average – by a healthy liver.  When a stressed liver cannot function properly, it may not produce enough bile leading to digestive problems (and poor nutrient conversion) because the gall bladder does not have enough bile to release.  Too concentrated bile can lead to gall stones.

The liver in Chinese medicine is seen as an organ easily affected by emotional events such as those things that cause frustration and anger. These emotions cause internal tension and blood flow constriction preventing the liver from effectively fulfilling its physical functions such as blood filtering.

So, it is easy to see just how crucial a healthy liver is to your health.

So what are some of the more subtle or not so subtle signs of a sluggish, clogged liver?

  • Headaches, migraines, high blood pressure
  • low energy/fatigue/foggy mind, weak immune system,
  • indigestion, Nausea , constipation/diarrhea, bad breath, obesity,
  • allergies, skin eruptions (acne, pimples, rashes), excess candida growth,
  • fluid retention, cold hands and feet, stiff and aching muscles, osteoporosis,
  • discomfort, swelling and/or tenderness underneath right rib cage,
  • difficulty getting to sleep followed by difficulty awakening in the morning (a sort of hangover feeling).
  • PMS, anger and defensiveness and anxiety attacks.

Even in an overfed society, malnutrition is not unusual due to inefficient liver, gall and pancreas function.  Often vague and indefinable symptoms of a stressed liver are misdiagnosed as other dis-eases.

Acupuncture as well as numerous herbs, bitters and foods are supportive to the liver. Below is a list of a few:

* Milk Thistle (Silymarin)
* Dandelion (taraxacum officinale)
* Globe Artichoke
* Blessed Thistle
* Curcumin (active property of Tumeric)
* Nettles
* Ganoderma
* Peony
* Bupleurum

Bitters:  bitters stimulate the liver to work more efficiently in all areas with a positive side effect of more efficient  fat burn resulting in natural weight loss if you are overweight.

Vegetables: – artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, dandelion, fennel, onions and garlic, parsley, radish, turnips.

Fruits: – apple and pears, avocado, banana, grapefruit, grapes, lemons, papaya, pineapple, watermelon and fibre in any vegetable/fruit form.

Other: – whole grains, lentils, chickpeas, red kidney beans, linseed, Alkaline water, and exercise in moderation.

Finally, if your looking for extra support for your liver contact me  Ph: 83523100

If you are a Existing patient/client of the clinic, contact me by email or phone and I could post out to you or you can drop by for pick up.

Alternately,  you can order Lipotone directly from Bioceuticals, (you can pay online and they will post to you). You will need the Patient Ordering Code previously supplied. Click link below to go to Lipotone.

Acutonics and Laser Therapy

Acutonics® is a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine. Similar to acupuncture it uses medical grade tuning forks instead of needles.

The Acutonics Healing System is an energy-based gentle, non-invasive, deeply relaxing  healing treatment modality.

Acutonics provides us with a unique methodology and tools for the practice of Harmonic Medicine and Sound Healing.

Applying the specific tuning forks along points on the meridian pathways stimulates and balances the body’s physical and subtle energy field to promote healing and inner harmony.

This life changing healing work is not only having profound results treating chronic and debilitating conditions, but also helping people to balance the spiritual, emotional and physical.

The tuning forks can also be integrated into an acupuncture treatment to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Laser therapy is also a non-invasive, gentle, painless and effective treatment modality.

The application of a single non-heating visible red laser to specific acupuncture points is an effective alternative to the application of needles. While a single unit has it short comings, it is best applied to highly sensitive skin areas, small children and the needle phobic.

The combination of Acutonics and Laser in a treatment represents a new opportunity for a complete and effective non-invasive treatment.

So, next time you’re telling someone about acupuncture and they say,
there’s no way someone is putting needles in me”,
you’ll be able to tell them they can have an effective treatment without them.

One of the worlds finest drinking waters

Ph8 is regarded as “One of the worlds finest drinking waters”, due to it’s purity and high content of essential minerals.
Bicarbonates, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Silica and Selenium to name a few are present at very good levels, which are known for their ability to assist the human immune system.
Selenium is a major contributor to the ability of Ph8 to have the effect that it does. Selenium also acts as an antioxidant against free radicals that damage our DNA. Selenium supports a healthy heart, is an essential component in anti-oxidant enzymes and helps protect blood vessels from oxidative damage, is essential for the healthy functioning of the thyroid and immune systems and helps to counteract the effects of a number of heavy metals including cadmium, mercury and arsenic.
Debilitating diseases are known to thrive in an acidic society, and it is a well known fact that a large part of our diet is acidic, therefore it would stand to reason that drinking water that is alkaline will assist us to maintain the PH of our bodies at a level which will deter diseases from existing.
Claimed Health Benefits of high Alkaline Water People who support drinking alkaline water for health benefits, such as the marketers of PH8 water, say it prevents disease and slows the aging process. They also claim it stops free radicals from forming, flushes toxins from cells and prevents toxins from accumulating, provides essential minerals, promotes normal blood flow and maintains normal blood pH.
Ph8 is sourced from a pristine aquifer in the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia near Adelaide. PH8 Natural Alkaline Water is named after its high alkaline PH level of 8.3.  The thick layer of limestone alkalizes the water as it filters through to the aquifer. The natural filter of the limestone does such a fantastic job that this water can be consumed without filtration. The limestone rock is up to 34meters thick in places which can take up to 1 year to penetrate and reach the aquifer.
Drinking PH8 Natural Alkaline Water with it’s hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability, is the best method to re hydrate, and build up the bodies reserves of alkaline minerals.

PH8 is only available in 1.5lt or 600ml, bottles at this time. They can be purchased from the clinic in any quantity, give me a call prior for larger orders to ensure I have the quantity required. Prices are the same as indicated on their web site (link below)

Click here for more info at the PH8 web site.

Christmas Closing times.

I hope this email finds you well.
I also wish you and your Family a
Merry Christmas,
Happy and safe New Year!
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