Adelaide Acupuncture

Adelaide Acupuncture


Adelaide Acupuncture has a variety of health benefits. Whether you have digestive concerns, musculoskeletal pain, fiery problems, depression and anxiety, or even require Cancer support or IVF support, acupuncture have the ability to provide you with a solution.


Traditional medicine simply isn’t doing the trick in many instances. This is because it is treating a symptom as opposed to the problem. Further, you have to endure nasty side effects from prescription drugs.

adelaide acupuncture

What’s the Natural Approach?


Aaron Slape case a nationally oriented approach with all patients. A treatment plan will help to treat the entire body, including acupuncture or even laser acupuncture, herbal and nutritional medicine, as well as diet and lifestyle advice.


As an acupuncturist and natural therapist, he is accredited with the AACMA and has been since 1999. He is also registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. This gives them the expertise in order to determine how to treat your current ailment.


Schedule Your Consultation


A consultation will allow you to learn more about your health concerns as well as what kind of treatment is necessary. It will begin with a health assessment, a physical assessment of your body and tongue, as well as your pulse. Various other test may also be performed in order to measure factors within urine, blood, and/or saliva.


Treatment can begin right away, and you will never have to worry about negative side effects from prescription drugs. The problem will be identified and you will be treating the problem instead of simply symptoms.


Acupuncture has helped millions of people over the years, and it has the potential to help you as well. Schedule an appointment today and begin your consultation. You might be surprised by how much better you feel once your body is properly balanced and you are giving your body exactly what it needs.