Adelaide Acupuncture

Adelaide Acupuncture: It’s Many Uses

Adelaide Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years for a variety of uses. It can treat women’s issues like fertility and female cycle complaints. It is for men and children too, treating aging, pain, and stress. Its theory is based on TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine that considers life force, or Qi, to be the strengthening and energetic force in the body. As we age or come in contact with the disease and poor lifestyle choices, Qi can drop or become clogged. Using tiny needles inserted painlessly into the skin, along lines that Qi flows, this force can be stimulated to return to the vigor it had before anybody disruptions occurred.

If you are in Adelaide, talk to acupuncture experts and discuss a number of disorders and treatments. Some of the ailments patients see an Adelaide Acupuncture therapist for include pain management, fertility acupuncture, and stress management.

Pain management

In pain management, chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness can be alleviated sometimes within a few days. Most Adelaide Acupuncture treatments are best over a long term period since Qi needs gentle continual stimulation to return to its youthful healthy vigor. Like rinsing a sponge, continually opening the clogged Qi along meridian lines will slowly work the pain-free Our acupuncture clinic in Adelaide can work with you to determine the best course of pain management.

Fertility Assistance

In fertility-assistance, an acupuncture clinic in Adelaide can help with the high stress levels associated with IVF treatments. Treatments for fertility focus on body systems most often associated with blood flow to the uterus. Consequently, they can help with endometriosis, general over or under functioning thyroid, and hormonal imbalances. The most important corrective therapy for fertility issues, as with other disorders. This is the way acupuncture treats stress, reducing cortisol which can effect conception rate.


In anti-aging applications, it is thought that Qi slows down and no longer rises to the face as rapidly as it did in youth. This causes sagging of the muscles under the skin. Adelaide Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation uses painless needles set in the meridian lines of the face. In addition it stimulates the muscles the way some electronic microcurrent facials do. It can help the skin begin to recreate collagen. And if you are in Adelaide, discuss acupuncture before considering invasive therapies that use injections to produce the same results.

Adelaide Acupuntcure

Adelaide Acupuncture is now often recommended by Western medical doctors. They have seen it benefit their clients in conjunction with other therapies. Two thousand years of use should speak for itself but as an ancient therapy. Not enough written evidence existed until now. Studies are mostly recent but more and more are being performed and the results indicate acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of ailments and for overall health.