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How An Adelaide Acupuncture Clinic Can Help Treat Your Sciatica

The sciatic nerve can be a pain in the butt. This is because it is the largest nerve found in the body. It consists of a bundle of smaller nerves, which begin in the lower spine, and travel to the buttocks. In theory, sciatica isn’t a disease, but some symptoms that affect the area of the sciatic nerve. One intense symptom associated with sciatica is radiating pain. Patients can also suffer from tingling and numbness starting from the lower back moving down the leg.

How Chinese medicine views sciatica

Chinese medicine believes that our bodies are interconnected. This means that no part can be detached from another. Their diagnosis and treatment depend on identifying the imbalances in the muscles as well as the body. Correcting the imbalance doesn’t treat the symptoms or hide the condition, but corrects the cause of the problem by promoting self-healing in the body. An Adelaide Acupuncture clinic can help trace the root of the problem to prevent more pain.

By treating this underlying imbalance, an Adelaide acupuncture clinic can prevent the disorder from returning. Some causes include:

  1. Kidney Qi Vacuity: when your back feels weak and doesn’t get better with rest, the imbalance may be caused by kidney qi vacuity. Some other symptoms include extreme fatigue, weakness of the knees, ringing in the ears, a weak pulse and dizziness.
  2. Spleen Qi Vacuity: For those who have spleen qi vacuity, they will also have weakness and fatigue. However, the back feels better when they rest.
  3. Liver Qi stagnation: the liver qi stagnation makes your muscles tight when you become infuriated. Also, the patient may suffer from recurrent headaches and, painful menses in women.

How Does an Adelaide Acupuncture Clinic Treat Sciatica?

An effective therapy includes acupuncture, alongside Tui Na, the Chinese medical massage, stretching, cupping, and electric stimulation. The back, pelvis, and hip are interconnected, and this treatment will incorporate all of them. The treatment will relax and stretch the fascia and tendons while strengthening your muscles. It will help free up the spastic muscles and also strengthen them, letting the back heal naturally. It can also encourage any disc that is out of place, depending on the severity.

Adelaide Acupuncture also helps reprogram the muscles so they can stay relaxed. This, in effect, helps the body heal itself. The Chinese massage works to promote the acupuncture by releasing the tension in the fascia as well as the connective tissue near the muscles. One technique known as rolling is important to help relax the muscles while improving circulation.

When the pain is gone, you should work on the back by stretching. Stretching will help the muscles to stay healthy and relaxed. Also, doing tai chi and meditation will help strengthen the lower back.