Acupuncture Treatment

Does Acupuncture Treatment Cause Pain To Patients?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that has gained global acceptance. Across the globe, it is used to treat and cure several diseases and health condition. To achieve this, tiny fine
needles are inserted into certain points in your body. Although it is widely practiced, it does not cure all diseases and health conditions. It is good for treating pain, osteoarthritis, repetitive strain condition,
and many others.

Does acupuncture treatment cause pain?

Acupuncture involves inserting needles into your body to bring about healing. It is associated with mild or no pain. Acupuncture treatment does not result in pain. Although it is possible for you to feel an insignificant pinprick, it does not cause pain. More so, chances are you will feel a slight tingling sensation when the needles are inserted into your body. Today, the use of guide tubes has almost
eliminated these sensations. Such that the only sensation you feel on your skin is the pressure of the guide tube.

During acupuncture, there is the possibility that needles may hit your nerve. In fact, it is possible for it to touch a blood vessel in your body. Thus, resulting in some short-term ‘ouch’ moments during
acupuncture treatment. But it is likely that you will feel intolerable pain from such encounter and experience.

The truth is; slight pain could due to the shock that comes with a needle hitting your nerve. But it is extremely rare to experience unbearable pain in this situation. In fact, it could result in a mild level of rigidity in your muscles and not unbearable pain. From experience, when needles hit your muscles in a twinge, it releases knots. This at most will result in a certain level of discomfort.
The target of acupuncture treatment when performed by a traditional acupuncturist is the whole body.

During acupuncture treatments, it is possible for your body to discharge tension and knots. The truth is you might not know of this occurrence. More so, this can result in some level of emotional
discomfort and release. This happens in the situation if you get exposed to great shock. Although this is not harmful, an acupuncturist will give you time to recover from this state. Your chances to continue treatment lies in recovering from such emotional discomfort and release.

The truth is if an acupuncturist uses the wrong needles for acupuncture treatment, it can cause pain. More so, there is the need to ensure your acupuncturist is licensed to give acupuncture treatment. In fact, it is best you get treatment in approved centers to avoid unfavorable situations.

So, does acupuncture treatment cause pain? No, it doesn’t when done by a professional and in the right environment.

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