Acupuncture Adelaide Can Improve Sleep, Digestion And Your Emotional Well-Being

Acupuncture Adelaide Can Improve Sleep, Digestion And Your Emotional Well-Being

Centuries ago, the Traditional Chinese healing technique called Acupuncture came into existence. According to a report from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), acupuncture is safe and reliable for treating a wide range of conditions. Many insurance policies now cover for Acupuncture treatment that are widely used to relieve pain.


How Effective is Acupuncture Treatment?


Acupuncture treatment help improves functions of the body and promotes natural self-healing process by stirring certain anatomic sites, known as acupoints. A well-known method used to stir/stimulate acupoints are the insertion of clean, sterile needles into the skin. In addition, electrical or heat stimulation is usually used for more effect. And there are other acupoints techniques which include; heat therapy, application of topical traditional medicines and ligaments, cupping and manual massage.


Acupuncture Adelaide healing treatment is based on an ancient philosophy that describes the universe, and the body, as two different forces (yin and yang). It also says, if these two forces are in accordance, the mind and body stays healthy. Energy force which is known as “qi” or “the” flows through certain pathways, called meridians, in the body. This constant stream of energy is what keeps the yin and yang forces together. Nonetheless, if the flow of energy gets interrupted, it can lead to illness, pain, and lack of activity.


Using acupuncture therapy to treat certain conditions can release the disruption of qi in the body and improve function, and awaken the body’s natural healing process through various physiological systems. A Recent study has shown the effect of acupuncture on the immune system, digestive system, endocrine, nervous system, and cardiovascular system. By stimulating the various body’s systems, acupuncture can help to improve sleep, sense of well-being, resolve pain, and digestive function.


What Happens During An Acupuncture Treatment?


When receiving acupuncture treatment, your medical/health history is the first thing an acupuncturist will require from you. Then, proceed to feel your pulse, examine your tongue’s color, shape, and coating, and possibly Carry out some other physical examinations. These assessments enable the acupuncturist to be able to recommend a proper treatment plan to tackle your unique condition.


To kick-start the acupuncture Adelaide treatment, the specialist will lay you comfortably on a treatment table. Then he/she will administer certain acu-points in various parts of your body. Generally, this is painless, but some people still feel minimal discomfort as the fine needles are placed tenderly on their body. The needles are kept on for about 10-30 minutes, and during and after treatments, people say they feel much better and well relaxed.


Number of Treatments Recommended


The number of treatment sessions for acupuncture differs from individual to individual. Many people report that they experience great relief during their first treatment. For acute or long-term conditions, two treatments at most in a week for a couple of months is recommended. For serious problems, a couple of visits is mandatory, usually 9-10 visits. But note that you should discuss the number of treatments during your first visit.


Common Conditions Treated with Acupuncture Adelaide


There are hundreds of studies that have proven how successful Acupuncture treatment can be. Conditions that can be treated with this therapy range from migraines, depression, anxiety, infertility, nausea, insomnia, neck pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.