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Aaron Slape – Acupuncture

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Aaron SlapeQualifications and Experience

Aaron Slape has an Advanced Diploma in Health Science, majoring in Acupuncture from The Australian College of Natural Medicine.

I have been working as a Natural Therapist and Acupuncturist since 1999.


I am passionate about natural health. I’m a avid practitioner of chi kung , which complements my use of Acupuncture and natural health techniques. I don’t just work with this stuff – I live it.

Because of this, you know that you are getting someone who really, passionately devotes himself to this form of health and healing.


I was born and raised here in Adelaide and happily married with two young boys and a dog.

I strive to be healthy, active, full of vitality and young at heart, to be a good father to my kids and husband to my wife and to foster lasting and meaningful relationships with family and friends.

To be a good healer, you must be surrounded with love and joy, and be constantly giving out love and joy as part of Who You Are.

My life is blessed with the opportunity to live this way daily.


I hope to achieve balance in all areas of my life and to never stop learning. To enjoy spending time with my family, surfing, fishing, camping, and my vegie patch! I am passionate about health and providing my patients with positive changes to their lives.



The knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) came in to my life by chance and struck an accord in me that inspired me to understand in greater depth my health, my spirit and the relationship of these to my life experience.

Learning about Chinese medicine and Naturopathic medicine has been a blessing in my life. TCM in particular made so much sense to me.

I believe it is founded on a common sense and truly holistic approach to health. For me it filled in the missing gaps to an inadequate Western medicine understanding, which could tell me often about how something was wrong but not why.

Understanding Naturopathic Medicine as well as TCM has enabled me to see the similarities between these two and enabled me to more easily explain TCM to a western mind.

Present and Future

Natural Medicine has and continues to be the vehicle for change and growth in my life.

Working as a Natural therapist has fulfilled my life by providing me the opportunity to help others.


I love working with people to be helpful, I like listening and learning from people, I love solving problems, working with my hands and working for myself.


It is greatly rewarding to help others enjoy a better quality of lifestyle, rejuvenation or spiritual connection.

My goal is to empower people so they discover themselves the influence of things of the past that has created the present so change and awareness can occur to prevent the issue from re-occurring.


My Healing Philosophy

When looking at the big picture we can find many things can contribute to ill health.

For example:

We are emotional beings. When we are happy every cell in our body is happy. Emotions have physiological effects on physical function. Unresolved negative emotional states can lead to illness and disease.


What we believe, how we feel and behave can have dramatic physiological outcomes.

Chronic disease is a manifestation of unresolved or incomplete healing.

Bath salt
The environment we are exposed to can have a drastic effect on health. Spending too much time in an environment where we feel nervous, tense, anxious or afraid can have a dramatic effect on our health.

Furthermore, our modern world has been increasing detached from nature as we seek convenience and comfort. We live in environments where we are exposed to a cocktail of toxicity which effects are not tested and barely understood. The incidence of cancer is growing at an alarming rate.

Chemical, physical and psychological irritations create functional imbalances in your body, which, if not corrected, often lead to disease.

Responsibility for my life

In taking responsibility for my life, I find that symptoms are the expression of an issue that I have been ignoring, denying or repressing. The effects of such issues are often expressed through diet, exercise, lifestyle, social responsibility & relationships.

Much of this must be taken into consideration for the restoration of optimum well-being.



Disease is not something that happens to us, but something that we create.


The choices we make every day. Illness is a message giving us a chance to look at our behavior and the patterns in our lives.

Holistic wellbeing is not just to be “well” in the physical body, but also about living in harmony with ourselves and the world we experience at all levels, body, mind, and spirit.

This is the realization of our human potential as total beings, and our desire to live fulfilling and satisfying lives.


The choices we make create the life that we experience. Life is our mirror, our opportunity to learn and grow. Are we paying attention?


Wellbeing is essential for a life full of living